Here is a selection of some of the testimonials we have received to date:

"Grainne's St Lawrence Montessori school provides an excellent foundation for children's education. The atmosphere is calm and reassuring whilst fostering learning and fun. There is an impressively broad curriculum and children are introduced to many concepts, explore the natural world, music, art, and learn personal skills to help them manage in the world. Two of our boys have now been through the school for one preschool year and we are immensely grateful to Grainne, Isabel and Joanne for the unbeatable start they have given them."

-Moira Mc Carthy & Jerry Barne

"We are delighted to have two graduates of St. Lawrence Montessori in our family!
Our sons, Tom and Stan, both attended the school over the last three years and we couldn't be happier with the experience that both boys enjoyed during their time there. The atmosphere in the class room is very special, the children are learning in a calm, stimulating environment that still manages to be fun. They learn how to work happily in an independent capacity but also in pairs and as a group enabling great friendships to be formed. As a mother of three lively boys, it never ceases to amaze me that Grainne and her team manage to achieve such a harmonious and productive learning environment for children of such a young age. We would wholeheartedly recommend St. Lawrence Montessori to any other parents of pre-schoolers looking for a Montessori school to motivate and enhance their child's learning, social, and general life skills."

-Vicky Landy & Shane O'Sullivan

"Grainne and her team have created the most nurturing, caring and beautiful environment for children to develop and grow. My son Alexander had the time of his life this year meeting up with other lovely children and really did thrive in what is a safe, supportive and creative environment. My little girl Edith, while part time, also grew in confidence and loved the learning experience. Grainne, Joanne & Isabel have created something unique and immensely beneficial for a child's early development and I would highly recommend any parent to send their child to this school."

-Meadhbh Quinn

"Sending our son (Madoc) to Grainne's Montessori has been such a positive experience for him and us - his parents! He settled in quickly to the organised and supportive routine of the classroom. To our joy, he was happy to go each day and was happy on collection also - a clear sign for us that he was feeling good about his time there.
As first time parents we appreciated the emphasis on learning at the child's pace, building self-esteem and social skills. Madoc learnt so much from his time there in the nurturing environment - from learning to cope with winning and losing to the planets in the solar system!
We look forward to our next boy benefiting from going there in the future."

-Una & Berian

"Prior to selecting St Lawrence Montessori for Teresa, our first born, we had visited a number of play schools, creches and other Montessori's in our area, and were not fully confident in any of them. But from the very first time we met Grainne we were impressed with her passion for the Montessori system and her professionalism.
St. Lawrence's school immediately struck us with its beauty, harmony and cleanliness, placed in a family home that was evidently full of love and we were very happy to get the opportunity to place our daughters there, where Grainne and her staff, Isabel and Joanne, cared for and provided Teresa and Catrina with the very best base for their future education. Both Teresa and Catrina loved every day at school where they were helped to develop their minds and socials skills. Our daughters have now moved onto primary education and we will always be grateful to Grainne for the great start she has given them for their journey through life."

-Jaana and Martin Sloan

"Our two children have attended St Lawrence Montessori -our eldest graduating this year and our youngest with another year to go. We chose the school because our niece had attended and her experience was overwhelmingly positive. Undoubtedly our experience has affirmed this.
We have nothing but praise for Grainne and her team. St Lawrence's Montessori has been a home away from home for our two little ones. Its uniqueness includes its child-centered approach to learning and its calm, nurturing and professional environment. In our experience the level of attention to detail in all aspects of the school life is unparalleled. We have no hesitation in recommending St Lawrence Montessori; it is a wonderful bridge between home and the start of formal education."

-Aisling and Brian Quigley

A dedicated team headed by Grainne Morris, formerly Head of the Montessori Unit at Lansdowne Lodge Montessori, along with her two colleagues Joanne and Isabel run St. Lawrence Montessori. From our first impressions on our initial visit to the final day of term, consistent standards of excellence are evident. St Lawrence Montessori delivered above and beyond our expectations. Parents are welcomed and part of the daily environment with regular updates provided such as parent teacher meetings, updates on illnesses going around and the symptoms to watch out for and updates on the Montessori's own formal inspections.
During our son's time at St Lawrence Montessori, he has grown and developed and gained confidence across a wide range of tasks and activities. He particularly enjoyed learning countries, words of Spanish and maths. He has a solid foundation and is ready for school.
St Lawrence Montessori continually strives to go the extra mile. Memorable events include the Christmas Play (with DVD provided), outing to New bridge Farm, sports day and graduation ceremony and an optional on site summer camp.
St Lawrence Montessori is a warm friendly environment for the children to flourish, held in an immaculate setting with the appropriate level of discipline.
As parents, we are grateful for such a solid start for our son at an important development stage. He was very happy throughout the year and made lovely friends. We are sad to be finished such a wonderful year and have signed up his little sister. We can't recommend St Lawrence Montessori highly enough.

-Monica & Brian Duff

" St Lawrence Montessori school provided a wonderful foundation for our sons education. Upon returning from overseas we searched Dublin before we found this gem. Grainne and her team provided a fantastically fun and rewarding environment where our boy gained all the confidence he needed to transition into formal primary education. All this was provided in a very warm a clean atmosphere. All our family were sad to leave the school behind and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great start for their children."

-Denise Murray, Clontarf

"Our Daughter, Sarah, spent a year in St Lawrence Montessori and absolutely loved every minute of her time spent there. It is a very peaceful, relaxed, happy and encouraging environment which ensured Sarah developed in all areas, not least in general learning, creativity, social skills and most importantly, with her self confidence and early emotional intelligence. Grainne runs an outstanding Montessori where the child's overall development and progression is paramount and with the determination, drive and focus with which Grainne demonstrates makes for a wonderful experience for the child and parents. There are also great surprises throughout the term for the parents, as the children perform in different events which we still remember with great fondness. We have no doubt that Sarah's seamless transition into primary school can be traced back to the well balanced and rounded beginning that she received from St Lawrence Montessori and for that, as parents, we will always be eternally grateful."

-Ann O'Reilly, Clontarf