Parent Information

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Opening Times

The morning session starts at 8.30am and ends at 12.00pm.
The afternoon session starts at 12.30pm and ends at 3.30pm.

Term Schedule

Term 1Early September to Christmas Term 2Early January to the end of June (With a short break at Easter) Weekly Summer Camps (optional)4 separate themed weeks during July. Click here for more information.

ECCE Scheme

The school is currently participating in the ECCE scheme.

For further information please visit or call the Government Helpline on 1890 303039

Parental Involvement

It is the policy of the school to promote the active participation of parents in the planning and development of the school. We value parents as the first educators of their children.

Settling in the Child

It is the policy of this school that every effort is made to ensure that the settling in period is as easy and as pleasant as possible for the children and their parents/carers.


It is our aim to ensure that the child's nutritional needs are met while they are in our care.

Vehicle & Pedestrian Access